How to encrypt decrypt message text online

You want to pass on some private message to your friend and it can’t be said on cell phone or any other regular communication media like email, with fear of somebody spying on the communication and losing the message privacy. In such cases, one can use any of following free tools to convert the message to secret code before passing over through an email. So that even if somebody manages to intercept the message it would be illegible for him. Isn’t that just perfect.

Well, lets see what are different tools available to achieve this purpose.

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crypo uses very strong Military Grade 1280-bit Encryption Algorithm, all you have to do is visit, enter your message in “message box”, enter password between 4 to 12 characters – password provides extra security to encryption and hardening of overall process. Further to decrypt the cipher code i.e. to get original message back; insert same encrypted message again in “message box: and same password in “password field” and hit decrypt, you will be rejoiced to see original plain text message. So it is equally important to note that, when you pass on the encrypted message you also pass on the key or use a key that is agreed upon by both the sending and receiving team.

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encodor is very simple application that accepts plain text message up to 400 characters and password key up to 30 characters and converts the plain text message to cipher text.

encoder encrypt decrypt process BlogPandit

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