Convert between zip, rar and other archive files

There can be many occasions when you have rar archive and no Winrar to open it, further you even do not have enough rights to install Winrar on the system or no access to Internet. What to do in such case ? just keep staring at the archive and hope it opens up, popping out everything it holds. Sadly, that’s just too high an expectation.
Else we have a very nice solution for you, you may use any of following free online tools to convert archive files to zip or other acceptable formats.

WobZIP uncompress and convert archive online

WobZip is online archive uncompressor and viewer. All you have to do is upload the file and then you can either download the files in popular .zip format or download individual files within archive.

WobZIP uncompress archive online Blogpandit


media-convert logo covert zip rar archive online BlogPandit

Lately, we made a review on media-convert of its capability to convert between different file formats, which also includes converting between different compressed archive files.
To convert the file; upload, select input file format and output file format and fine tune the conversion activity with available options.

media convert archive formats BlogPandit

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