TwitChuck – Identify and block Twitter spam

We finally have a tool that makes your Twitter life happier, helps you distinguish between spammers and valid prospects.

TwitChuck is a web app; still in its nascent stage, promises to identify and create database of Twitter spammer.

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So, if you sense something fishy and want to know if particular user is a spammer or not. All you have to do is, go to TwitChuck, search for user-id and immediately you would see a snapshot report about there activities. Also a score on scale of 100 (lower score – more spam, higher score – valid user) is assigned, to clearly judge the extent of spamming.

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TwitChuck Twitter spammer BlogPandit

While checking for spam activities, TwitChuck runs some validations in background and then it flags that particular test case as passed or failed, based on which the scoring is done and spammers are identified.
Some of the validations done are:
check for user participation in conversation and community talk
age of Twitter account and online activity rate
friend-follower ratio
message update percentage, etc.
TwitChuck also maintains database of valid tweeps and flags them as “user validated”.

FriendChuck is another addon paid service offered by TwitChuck where you log in through your twitter account and FriendChuck will scan through your followers list and mark all the spam users (or bot) for your action. FriendChuck is excellent service to filter and prune your follower list.

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