Top Twitter Accounts in 2023: From Celebrities to Companies

Welcome, Twitteratis, and welcome those who aspire to be! I’ve seen Twitter evolve from a platform for casual micro-blogging into a central hub of world conversation. Over the years, the question I’ve often asked myself, and many of you probably have too is, “Who are the top Twitter accounts to follow in 2023?”

Well, today we’ll delve into that very subject. We will take an exploratory journey through the Twitterverse, highlighting accounts that are making waves with their influential tweets, engaging content, and, most importantly, their impact on global conversations.

Top Twitter Accounts -

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Top Twitter Accounts

This broad spectrum of Twitter influence can be best illustrated by looking at two distinct categories: individual accounts and group/company accounts. To appreciate the differences and similarities between these two categories, we delve into some of the top accounts in each category for the year 2023.

Top Individual Twitter Accounts in 2023

These accounts represent individuals who have leveraged their personal brand to garner massive followership and engagement. Whether they’re entertainers, athletes, tech innovators, or activists, their unique voices resonate with millions of people around the globe.

First NameLast NameTwitter HandleFollowers (Millions)CountryEngagement rate
ElonMusk@elonmusk142.9United States6.7%
BarackObama@BarackObama132.5United States4.9%
Rihanna@rihanna108.3United States4.5%
KatyPerry@katyperry107.9United States5.3%
TaylorSwift@taylorswift1392.8United States4.8%
DonaldTrump@realDonaldTrump86.9United States4.8%
LadyGaga@ladygaga84.3United States4.6%

Top Twitter Accounts for Enterprises and Institutions in 2023

In contrast, Enterprises and Institutions accounts represent institutions and organizations. Their influence stems from the collective brand and mission they embody. Their tweets often focus on news updates, official statements, product launches, or general content that aligns with their organizational values and goals.

NameTwitter HandleFollowers (Millions)Country
Youtube@YouTube78.8United States
NASA@NASA73.5United States
Twitter@Twitter65.7United States
CNN Breaking News@cnnbrk63.9United States
CNN@CNN61.4United States
The New York Times@nytimes55.0United States
PMO India@PMOIndia53.1India
BBC Breaking News@BBCBreaking51.6United Kingdom
UEFA Champions League@ChampionsLeague48.4Europe
Real Madrid CF@realmadrid47.6Spain

Exploring these two categories allows us to appreciate the various ways Twitter can be used as a platform to inform, engage, and influence, whether you’re a single voice or a collective entity.

Understanding Engagement Score and Follower Count

When it comes to measuring the influence of a Twitter account, two of the most essential metrics are the engagement score and the follower count. Let’s take a closer look at what these numbers mean and why they matter.

Engagement Score

The engagement score is a reflection of how a Twitter account’s content resonates with its followers. It takes into consideration the number of likes, shares, retweets, replies, and comments each tweet garners. This score is then expressed as a percentage of the total follower count. The higher the engagement score, the more an account’s content sparks conversation, stirs emotions, or prompts action from its audience.

It’s important to note that a high engagement score doesn’t necessarily come from having a large number of followers. Even accounts with smaller follower counts can achieve high engagement if their content is valuable, interesting, and timely to their audience.

Follower Count

The follower count is the number of Twitter users who subscribe to an account’s feed. A high follower count usually indicates the account’s reach and potential influence. While it’s a valuable metric, follower count alone doesn’t paint the full picture of an account’s impact.

For example, an account with millions of followers may have low engagement if its tweets rarely inspire responses or shares. Conversely, an account with fewer followers but high engagement shows that its audience is highly engaged, like @doyoutravel, run by Jack Morris.

Countries Missing from Twitter Rankings

When examining the top Twitter accounts worldwide, it’s noticeable that certain countries, such as China, do not appear in these rankings. There’s a clear and direct explanation for this—Twitter, along with several other global social media platforms, is blocked in China.

Here are some countries where Twitter is either banned or heavily restricted: China, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan

In addition to these countries, there are a number of other countries where Twitter is either blocked or heavily restricted. The specific reasons for these restrictions vary from country to country, but they often involve concerns about national security, censorship, or the spread of misinformation.

Wrapping Up

Twitter, the digital agora of the 21st century, continues to be a space where news spreads, ideas flourish, and voices from every corner of the globe can be heard. As we’ve discovered, influence on this social media platform manifests in diverse ways, with top accounts ranging from individual celebrities to multinational corporations.

As we wrap up, it’s important to reflect on the broader implications of our findings. Each tweet from these influential accounts has the power to inform, inspire, and stir conversation on a global scale. In essence, the list we’ve curated is a mirror to our collective interests, concerns, and inspirations – a social media zeitgeist of sorts.

As the Twitter landscape continues to evolve, who knows which new influencers will emerge and what new dialogues will be sparked? That’s the beauty of this dynamic platform – it’s a perpetual conversation that keeps us connected, engaged, and ever-curious.

Share your thoughts! Who do you think will make it to the top Twitter accounts list next year? Do you agree with our list? How do these influencers impact your Twitter experience? Let’s keep the conversation going. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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