Clixpy – Video analytics and usability testing for websites and blogs

So far we all knew and extensively used many free online analytic tool like Google Analytics, to keep track of visitor trends on our website or blog. These analytic software show us the visitor data in form of graphs and number charts, that aid us in making decisions to fine tune our site layout favoring visitor browsing pattern.

Well, with advent of technology the web analytic space is quickly changing. Once popular number crunching analytic apps are being replaced by more visual and effective Video analytics online applications.

How do this Video Analytics work ?

When you register for such service, you receive a tracking code to add to your website HTML. Once you have installed this code, the subscribed Video analytic software starts analyzing and recording what your visitors do on your site, which part of web page they click. Then at later time, you may login to your account and watch all those videos of visitor browsing pattern and make quick decision on which section of your site is more visited, which one is more click friendly, etc.

Clixpy is one such online analytic software that records your site’s visitor activity and later plays back to you.

BlogPandit Clixpy video analytics website session recording

Currently it only allows capturing 10 sessions with free registration, however one can buy additional session captures with programs starting at $5 for 100 captures upto $30 for 1000 captures. Certainly worth a try.
So its not late, when you would see a Video recording capability in your favorite online analytic software to aid quick decision making.

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