Bing search addon for Mozilla and Microsoft IE

Bing – Microsoft’s latest sensation in search space to take on rival search competition is really worth a praise. Microsoft has got the search engine to work more on line with Google and other leading search engines, with some performance boost and fresh first time features showcased.

If you feel like integrating this new search capability in your IE and Mozilla browser, see below:

Bing addon for Internet Explorer

BlogPandit Internet Explorer IE add-on for Bing search

Microsoft was quick to release the IE add on for Bing.
To integrate Bing search capability in your IE follow this link.

Bing add-on for Mozilla Firefox

BlogPandit Mozilla addon for Bing search

There are many different download of Bing search addon available through firefox add-on page. This one is official add-on, was released just 7 days back and within such small period it has already been downloaded for more than 170K times, hugely popular. Download from here to integrate in your Mozilla browser.

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