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There are many different uses of thumbnail images, we need them to add as a profile image in one of those social networking site, to pass on a reduced image to somebody. Whatever use we put these thumbnails to – we all need a tool that can create a thumbnail of a image on a fly without any software installation.

Though there are couple of tools available online for creating thumbnails, it is that stands strong among the competition.

This is how we can use this tool for creating a thumbnail.

Go to, click on “Upload Photos” button and select the photo/image from your PC you want to get thumbnail for

You would see a link like this when your image is uploaded successfully.

Then click on ” 2 Add Watermark” button, under that select “Resize” tab as shown below

Here you have two options either you can specify the “Ratio” percentage; the percentage amount by which you want original image to be reduced.

or you may use “Fixed” option; where you can specify actual width and height of thumbnail you want created.

once you have put down all these details, click on button “3 Process photos” and then again on “Process Photo(s)” button as shown below.

Once thumbnail has been processed, you would see a download link of the transformed image.

There are even other tools available online with minimal features sufficient to create a thumbnail, those are

Create thumbnail of image or website. Features: resize by percentage, fixed sizes, standard sizes and apply a filter.

Choose a picture and create a thumbnail of sizes 100X100, 150X150, 200X200, 250X250, 300X300.

resize a large photograph into small thumbnail. Features: resize by fixed size, user defined custom size, set image quality.

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