Autodiscover feeds – one click subscription to site or blog feeds

Do you know that your site can shout feed URL to visitors, so that one can subscribe at will.

How? this is where Autodiscover feed comes in picture. Feed Autodiscovery is the technique by which you may offer on click subscription of your sites feed to your visitors.

Why Autodiscover? With Autodiscover enabled, all major feed aggregators and browser autodetect the feed for your site, that helps publicize your feed to large mass at no extra cost.

If you see orange feed icon in your browser address bar it means you already have autodiscover enabled for your site or blog. When one clicks on the icon, either you are directed to Feed page or you see different feed subscribe options available for the site. Like for example I have provided to options – Full post and comment feed subscription.

Autodiscover feed Blogpandit

Likewise one may offer different subscriptions options to there visitors like summary post, label feeds, full post feeds, comment feed, etc.

Autodiscover multiple feed Blogpandit

To add this functionality to your site, add following lines of code within <head> </head> tags of you site HTML code.

for RSS feed type –

<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/rss+xml” title=”add_feed_title_here” href=”add_feed_link_here” />

for Atom feed type –

<link rel=”alternate” type=”application/atom+xml” title=”add_feed_title_here” href=”add_feed_link_here” />

replace text in red (for title attribute) with title of your feed and blue text (for href attribute) with your feed URL – if you don’t have one get it through feedburner or feedblitz.
If you have multiple feed subscription to offer, add multiple lines of this code with new feed URL for each.

For adding Autodiscovery to wordpress see this complete Guide by Stephen.

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