Top 5 Twitter clients for T-Mobile G1 Android phones

Android is rapidly catching up on market share and public attention. And with most cell phone manufacturers launching Android based phones, the demand for supporting applications has dramatically increased. Developers have already identified this and are ready to showcase there products for Android platform.
Twitter apps is one such category that’s experiencing tremendous growth over past few months on Internet and other mediums. In that sense, even Android has not been left unscratched, developers are already rushing to tap this comparatively new and young market by releasing new twitter apps with increased functionality and ease of use.
Here we introduce and review five different widely popular Android Twitter clients, availble for download.

Twidroid –

Twidroid twitter client BlogPandit
Twidroid twitter client screenshot BlogPandit

Top on the list is Twidroid – a complete full-fledged twitter client featuring GPS for profile updates, photo sharing via mobile camera, inbuilt url-shortening, custom alert ringtones are some extra features other than normal features like postings, direct messages, replies, follow/unfollow, etc.
To install Twidroid for your G1 T-Mobile, launch “Android Market” and search for ‘Twidroid” and download.

Twitli –

Twitli T-Mobile G1 Android Twitter client BlogPandit
Twitli T-Mobile G1 Android Twitter client screenshot BlogPandit

Next on our favorite list is Twitli; In addition to basic functionality of sending receiving tweets, it features uncluttered interface, profile views of followers, one click follow, translate tweets, view timeline, picture upload, set automatic refresh, customize twitter window, twitter location update via GPS, etc.
You may download Twitli from here

Tweet! –

Tweet! T-Mobile G1 Android Twitter client BlogPandit
Tweet T-Mobile G1 Android Twitter client screenshot BlogPandit

Tweet! is again full-featured and a customizable application,
Form Tweet!, you may send and receive tweets and direct messages, view profiles, location update, search, public timeline, set vibration or ringtone alerts, customize look and feel, etc
Tweet! can be downloaded from Android market.

TwitterRide –

TwitterRide T Mobile G1 Android Twitter client BlogPandit
TwitterRide T Mobile G1 Android Twitter client screenshot BlogPandit

Twitterride is another cool little app that boast features like simple and fast interface, send replier and direct mesages, view user profile, update status, follow/unfollow, search trends, URL shortening, location based search, auto refresh, retweet button, etc.
To get your copy of TwitterRide, visit Android market, search and install.

Twitterclient –

TwitterClient T Mobile G1 Android Twitter client BlogPandit

This one is simplest of all clients, it allows viewing incoming tweets and sending back the replies, thats it. Its so simple.
Download Twitterclient from here (12K)

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