Save and copy multiple attachments from Outlook

Its really cumbersome on our part to copy all the attachments that you just received in an email to some folder or harddisk location, by copying each one individually

In outlook there’s a way by which one can download all attachments at once.

Using File menu:

Open an email that has got multiple attachment or select an email entry in your outlook inbox.

Then go to toplevel Menu and select File > Save Attachment > All attachments

If you are accessing the menu by opening individual email item, you would see menu entry as File > Save Attachments

Then select all those you want to download and click OK. You would be asked for location on disk to save the files.

Using Toolbar:
There is a workaround to above menu method by downloading all attachments at click of toolbar button.

Right click in empty space of your outlook toolbar; either in Parent Outlook window or by opening an individual email.
Then select customize from the menu, under ‘Commands’ tab select Categories as ‘File’ and commands box select entry “Save Attachments”, as shown.

Then drag this “Save Attachments” entry on empty space of your outlook toolbar, to show a button for this purpose. Now you can use this button to download your attachment at a go.

Here you have a quick tip for old cumbersome way of copy pasting attachments.

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