View pdf, word and other popular office docs on iPhone, iPod

There’s added advantage of having iPhone with a large screen, one can take there document anywhere and read it on fly. That’s just one way of using your iPhone.
In fact many of us already use iPod/iPhone extensively for exactly same purpose and this is where we all need a good app that allows viewing, storing and sharing of documents efficiently.

Here we introduce and review two such popular Apple iPhone/iPod apps that can help you with your documents on the go

#1. Fliq Docs

Fliq docs screenshot view documents iPhone iPod Touch

Fliq docs is free little app to view, share and organize your documents for iPhone and iPod. It even allows to send and receive documents over wifi for iPhone, iPod touch, mac or PC.
Supports pdf, office documents like doc, xls, ppt, txt, rtf, web documents like html, etc.
Indeed one of best little app available.
You may download Fliq docs here from iTune App store.

#2. Readdle docs

Readdle view documents iPhone iPod Touch BlogPandit
Readdle screenshot view documents iPhone iPod Touch BlogPandit

Readdle docs is another useful little app to view documents on your iPhone or iPod touch. Readdle installed iPhone allows document transfers between Mac or Windows, email those documents, send and receive docs over wifi, view and read all popular document formats like pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, etc., free 512 mb online account to store and share documents.

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