Langid – Find the language name of any text and document is new little web app that help you find out Language name for any text. Langid makes use of Google AJAX language API to realize this app.

But no two minds about its capability; if one is searching for something similar then langid is certainly best little app available around. We tested it couple of times and every time it worked smartly, giving back results correctly and promptly. Currently Langid supports 85 different languages.

How it works ?

Go to put down your text to be identified and hit identify button

Immediately you would see back a response with name of language and flag of the country where that language is widely spoken.

few other options to identify text language through –

* upload to identify = uplaod you document and identify language in it. Supported formats .doc, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx
* twitter language identify = follow and tweet @langidbot with language to identify and get response back in few mins
* identify language in email = send your email to with text in a language to identify.

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