How to create/add mobile or iphone version of your blog, website for free

Technology has made it possible for web online content to be accessed through various different sources, browsing the site through your WAP, GPRS enabled cell phones or PDAs on a go is just one side of it. And with growing numbers of people using their cell phones for accessing the Internet has made it necessary to have mobile version of your online business.
But the site content that needs to be pushed for such viewing has to be properly tailored for the purpose.

MoFuse – is one such online application that gives you all the tools necessary to get your mobile site ready and running.

Its so simple with MoFuse, within few minutes you signup, fill in your blog or website details and get a working mobile link for you site.
Following is the link for BlogPandit mobile version

What’s more: customize, monetize using Google adsense or admob, analytics- track visitors, etc.

You can even add and manage multiple websites or blogs from same account.
So placing your online business to mobile is just a click away.

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