Tools to search microblogging sites like Twitter, Identica and Jaiku

Microblogging is a web service that allows subscriber to broadcast short messages for other subscribers of the service. It is basically a short form of otherwise regular blogging. Some of the microblog sites like Twitter, Jaiku, Identica, etc. work in exactly same manner.

Recently there has been sudden surge in popularity of microblogging sites, with more and more people finding it easy to stay updated about there friends and environment using these sites. Hence with so many people using and posting messages on microblogs, extracting the necessary information at that point of time is too big a task. This is where you would need a Microblog search engine to suffice your cause and relieve you from unnecessary pain in order to mine the needed information.

Below we introduce you to two such microblog search sites, that are fast and efficient.


Twingly spam free microblog search BlogPandit

Twingly microblog search facility is fast, clean and spam free. It evaluates and eliminates spam messages and show only valid results to you.
It collects data from vast number of different microblogging sites like Twitter, Jaiku, Identica, Bleeper, Bloggy, Cirip, Koomk, Lareta, Linux outlaws, Pownce, Suffice to say, TWiT Army, YouAre.


Collecta microblog search BlogPandit

Collecta is basically a blog search site with support for microblogging search. It provides real time update of search results, with pause facility. It also provides in-place complete message reader pane, so you can read any message displayed in search results then and there.
Collecta searches on Twitter, Jaiku and Identica.
To use Collecta microblog search remember to check only ‘Updates’ option in Collecta “Search Options”.

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