Update Twitter messages via email using TwitterMail

As we discover more newer alternatives everyday to send updates on twitter and also to run across web filters, nothing matches the ease that TwitterMail provides.

How about, if you could send Twitter updates through an email ? Yes its possible, that’s where we are talking about a free web service called TwitterMail.

TwitterMail logo send updates via email BlogPandit

We already knew some tricks to send updates on Twitter via email, but none was as simple as this.

All you have to do is, go to TwitterMail, login using your Twitter username/password and you would receive a unique @twittermail.com email id.

Send Twitter updates via email TwitterMail BlogPandit

You could then send all your updates to this email id and they would instantly get reflected on your Twitter account. This is certainly excellent way to stay connected wherever you might be.

Remember; not to share this secret email-id with anybody or you carry a risk of somebody sending spam alerts through your twitter account.

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