SocialToo – automatically follow those who are following you on Twitter

Following all those who are following you is good way of increasing your own follower count because when you do this you are in a way hinting other people that you are interested in following them. Since one of the reason most of us sought friends on twitter is also to increase our follower base.

How to auto follow on Twitter?

Go to SocialToo, register, link your twitter account and log in.

Socialtoo automatically follow your followers BlogPandit

Then under preferences tab, at bottom of the page select the option “Automatically follow those who follow you”, also remember to change the “Number of people to follow per day” counter as per your terms.

Socialtoo auto follow your followers BlogPandit

That’s it once you have all this in place click ‘Submit’ button to save settings and watch following your followers and hence growing your own followers.

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