How to get accidently deleted images, pictures back on blogger

You were working on aligning and drafting your post content and images, but accidentally you messed up and images got deleted. What to do now ?

No need of getting frustrated or worried, let’s see how to get those back. Blogger understands this and stores all the images that we upload through Blogspot post editor in Picasa web albums.

How to access album for my blog?

You need to go to Picasa and login using same google account where your blog is hosted.
As soon as you login, you would see a web album as your Blog’s name; exactly you guessed it right, that is where all your pictures and images are stored.

Like I found mine with album name as BlogPandit.

Google Picasa search for lost deleted images blogger Blogpandit

Now if you need a link to embed these images, then click on individual items inside the album and on right side you would find link to the photo.

Picasa search for lost deleted images blogger Blogpandit

So now no need to worry in case you lost your blog picture.
Please let us know if this was helpful.

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