Add code snippet to blogger – mystery solved – partII

Earlier in partI of this article, we showed you an easy way of adding code snippet to blog post by parsing HTML. You all showed great interest in that article and liked it.
Now through this partII, we present to you yet another trick for exactly same purpose but one that is more simple and efficient.

The trick that we expose here for inserting code snippet uses Bloggerindraft to effect. Blogger team was quick to realize this inability to add code in blogspot and came up with a on-off toggle option to add code directly inside post through there blogger test platform – Bloggerindraft.

So to add a any code excerpt in your blog post and avoid it getting executed you may do following

Login to Bloggerindraft, and on post editor page scroll to bottom and click on “Post Options” link

add code snippet to blogger option blogger in draft BlogPandit

that should show you many different options, from there under section “Compose Settings” select option “Show HTML literally

add code snippet to blogger select HTML literally blogger in draft BlogPandit

That’s it, now with this option selected you may freely add your code without any worry of getting executed.

The advantage of this partII article over PartI is, you dont need to go around to parse HTML and then copy it back in your post. Just while drafting your post, you need to select this option and embed your code in post.

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