How to find font name for some text or a webpage

Font is the most integral part of any web page, how many time you felt reading a blog or website only because it had appealing content makeup and the credit should go to content font.
Isn’t it would be just great, if you could make out that font used by a website or blog.

Identifont is one such online free service that help you to identify typeface for a text or any writeup.

How it works:
You would be presented with series of questions regarding characteristics of some key characters like how do they appear, curved or plain ends, etc. and after answering few questions you would be shown result of closest matching font names. Also you would be able to see the designer and publisher for those fonts and from where it can be downloaded or purchased.

What’s more:
You can also find
– Fonts by Name:: Identify font by entering all or part of name
– Fonts by Simillarity: Find fonts that are visually similar to particular font
– Find Picture fonts: locate what font contain those small pictures
– Search for designer by name and see what fonts they have designed
– Also find information about font publishers
– Find what are top fonts that can be downloaded for free

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