Send bigger files to multiple recipent

The free service offered by, allows one to send file as big as 100 mb to multiple recipents at a time safely and securely .

To send a file, enter the email addresses you want to send the file to, select the file you want to send, add a optional subject and message, and then click “Send It BIG”. It’s really just that easy!
If you have an Online File Folder (TM) account, you can also upload the file to your Online File Folder to save it permanently.
When you receive a file stored on The BIG Send, you have a 7 days of time in which to download the file. To download a file, click the URL provided in The BIG Send email message, and then click “Download”. Now the file is all yours!
The BIG Send saves you email storage space and prevents your inbox from getting overloaded.

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