Hide your email id from Google Profile

Google profiles is an excellent tool to showcase your bio to world and with Google search adding a support to profiles things have improved a lot.
Now if you search for somebody or do a ego surfing you will see Google profile for that person to appearing in search results.

Though profile is excellent tool for self marketing, but you run up a risk in exposing your important email id through it.
There are two different places from where you email id can be exposed, lets see what are those and how can you avoid that without compromising on your profile status.

1. Through your Google Profile URL
When profile is created you get URL as google.com/profiles/yourusername
This “yourusername” is the email id through which you have signed up into google account.
To hide this email id; scroll to bottom of your profile page in “About me” tab in edit mode and find something like below

click on “See other options” link and you will see something like this

as you may see, now you have a option to show a place holder 24 digit number in replacement to your email id. This would not effect you profile appearing in Google search results at all, just that your profile url will show 24 digit number instead of email id, so people would still be able to find you, way they did earlier and in same place in Google search results.

2. other place from where you can expose your email id is “Contacts Info” tab, if you have mentioned you email id there
This email id is necessary for others to contact you.
To hide this email id; under your “About me” page find a option “Allow people to contact me” beside your profile photo.

select that option and save changes to your profile. Now you will see a “Send a Message” link being appearing beside your name in Profile page header like following and you will find email id under contact tab will be hidden, so your friends may still mail you by clicking the link.

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