How to add subtitles, captions to Youtube videos using yt-subs

Ever wanted to add subtitles or captions for a video or if you are looking for some similar software, then yt-subs is just application for your need.

ytsubs is free online application that allows adding subtitles or captions to Youtube videos or in that sense any type of video uploaded to youtube.

Why to add subtitles ?
– Subtitles are vital in spreading reach of any visual media beyond language boundaries, for example: if I have created a video in Hindi and need people speaking other languages to know what I am discussing on video then i would add a text or subtitles that appear at lower side of video in whatever language I desire.
– Subtitle or captions can also aid hearing impaired people to understand the videos or in that way any visual act.

How to add subtitles using yt-subs ?

If you want to add subtitles to a particular video, you need to upload that video to youtube first or you can also search for similar video on youtube.
Then go to yt-subs, login through your gmail or google account click on “Add Subtitles” button at top right side of the page.

yt-subs add subtitle captions to video BlogPandit

Get a youtube video id ( example: in; text in bold is video id) for video you intend to add subtitles for, put that in search box in yt-subs new video page and click search. You would see related information and screenshot for the video, click on the screenshot video link and other information would get filled in remaining boxes.

yt-subs youtube video id to add subtitles BlogPandit

Now select other details related to access, visibilty, etc. for your subtitled video and continue with rest of the process to finalize the video. Read this page for detailed step-by-step process for adding subtitles.

Finally when you are done, you would see a page that shows URL link for subtitled video, a subtitles download option, etc.

yt-subs get subtitled video URL BlogPandit

Presently yt-subs supports following 21 languages for adding subtitles, with support for other languages are being added every other day.
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish.

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