Combine mutliple RSS,ATOM feeds into single Feed URL

Earlier reading and following all those different blogs and websites was a tedious job, hence feeds were invented. So that I can subscribe to all my favorite blogs, news, emails through feed. But instead of getting easier a new problem evolved – of managing so many of these feed links everyday. Hence a solution was desired that can help me in feeds management and navigation.

No sooner we thought of problem and found solution already available. A solution for feed management and navigation that can make life simpler and smoother by just having a single feed URL for all different subscriptions so as to read all my feeds at a go.

We have identified two such online free services that allow merging/combining different feed links into single feed URL, those are


BlogPandit Jumbra combine merge feeds

Jumbra is free feed merging service that runs on google appengine. It allows you to merge/combine 30 different RSS, ATOM feed links into single URL. Since it is hosted on Google appengine, one needs to have a google account to login and create your merge feed link, which takes the form


BlogPandit blogsieve combine merge feed

Next on our list is Blogsieve; a very powerful feed merging site. It allows filter, merge, sort and strip options for creating final feed URL. So you can filter the feed on some string matching, strip off unwanted HTML and javascript tags, arrange the feeds on date or alphabetical order, etc. one can do whole lot of things to customize the final feed result. It supports Atom, RDF and RSS feeds, but restricts merging of only 5 feeds at a time.

Enjoy these services in order to have a single window access to all your feed links.

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