Earn money from Twitter through beamagpie, twtad and socialspark

Twitter is now more of marketing, SEO and business tool, rather than just another social networking tool. Twitter ability to send large amount of visitors to a site and create viral marketing is now well known.
This is where we tend to spend considerable amount of time on twitter now more than ever. So its completely wise to expect some sort of direct return for all this investment.

There are couple of online services that assist you in earning some extra cash through twitter account.
Here’s how the system work:

The service that you enroll for creating money through twitter allows you to post link of affiliates as a message through your twitter accounts.
When somebody follows or clicks the link you get paid on Cost Per Click basis.
The more followers you have, greater chance you have of somebody clicking the link.
So income from such Advertising services is directly proportional to followers and click through rate.
It is important to understand that, unless you have good mix of valid twitter updates and the ad campaigns you wont attain higher click through rate and hence higher income, also there is greater chance of loosing followers on account of spamming.

Let us now look at different offerings available for monetizing twitter account that work on above method:


It allows to set frequency of ads e.g: 1 ad / 1 tweet, 1 ad / 3 tweets, etc.
Gives you control on approving of ads before they are updated to your twitter account.
Advertising message is posted automatically on your twitter account.
Advertiser referral earnings are 30 % for first year.
Withdrawal allowed when earning reach $50 or more.


You can browse through different ads that are open to post on your twitter account and see associated cost per click. You only need to select the ones that you are interested and voila its updated on your twitter account as message and then you may track the click and earnings.
You can even link multiple twitter accounts to this service.
Referral gives you 20 % earnings for life.
Able to withdraw your earnings when balance is $20 or more.


Browse through there CPC campaigns and select the ad that you see fit to update through your twitter account.
Withdrawal allowed once you reach $20.

So now you have one other reason to spend more time on twitter.

0 thoughts on “Earn money from Twitter through beamagpie, twtad and socialspark”

  1. Thanks for the info on these sites and posting on my blog, I don’t like Magpie since you can’t control the content, but I am going to check out twtaAd. Do you use TwtAd yourself, which ones have you had success with?

  2. @Dragonblogger
    Yes I have tried and tested all three; about magpie they do provide control over content there’s autoa pproval section in it, you should try that. twtad and socialspark are almost similar when compared on method of posting ads.

    But all of these services are still in early stage and void of advertisers, hence they keep repeating the ads sometimes, so I only try when they have something meaningful and fresh.

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