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Google Alert is one innovative service where one can receive news, articles and discussions related to ones interest delivered to their email box or to a feed reader, everyday and at regular intervals. But bad part of this great service is, it does not allow you to suggest the source sites to get the information from.
So in case you are interested to receive news from specific sites or blog and that to on specific categories or topics of your interest, than sadly this cannot be achieved through Google Alert. Google Alert is good for receiving a broadcast of news feed but not for specific news alerts. FeedUp is just a answer to this limitation. In this fast paced world, nobody have enough time to read each and every article that is being delivered to the email box, especially if you are interested in reading from some trusted sources only and this is where FeedUp comes for rescue.

Feedup receive topic alerts Google alert alteranative service BlogPandit

Setting up alerts through FeedUp is five step process:

Feedup receive topic alerts Google alert alteranative suggest preferred sites BlogPandit

Step 1 – mention your topics of interest and this list could go on and on, until you are exhausted, there is no limitation on this, one may suggest as many topic as he wants
Step 2 – here you either leave up to FeedUp to select the news articles source or specify your own preferred sites to fetch article feeds from, again there is no limitation on this.
Step 3 – provides option to select the subject categories from which you want the articles to be sourced
Step 4 – decides how often you want the articles to be delivered with three variations – slow (3 articles/day), medium (15 articles/day), fast (everything)
Step 5 – decides the source for the news feeds like blogs, news sites, video sites, etc

If you have followed all these steps meticulously let me give you a good news that you have just finished setting up a alert service. Now finally you have to decide where and how you wish to receive the alerts in iGoogle or in My Yahoo page or in email format or as RSS feed.

That is it, you are ready to receive your personalized alerts.
FeedUp is also available through MeeSlice.com.

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