Top 4 websites to get free Twitter background themes and designs

Though Twitter provides some default background themes for one to start with on Twitter, but its certainly without any of characteristics you might need for branding or marketing you and your product on Twitter. So its kind of necessary for each one of us to have a unique and special background for Twitter page.

Though if you are still not convinced, see some famous reasons why one should have custom Twitter background
1. When somebody visit your profile on Twitter, what is that one see at first glance; not your tweets, but the background color and design. Remember a good, unique and professional background can help create a positive first impression impact.
2. For Businesses and Individuals, who see Twitter as mode of marketing and advertising; its must for them to have a background that reflects there business operations and status.
3. We already are aware of Twitter’s prowess to impress and win customers and with almost everybody using Twitter nowadays, your Twitter account is no less than your official website. So won’t you like to give a unique appeal and brand feel to it.
4. Also as Mashable points out; its excellent way to inform about yourself more, like one can jot down personal details, business information, etc on the background. So you can do away with limitation of limited Bio field in Twitter.

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Alright, so once we know how it’s all advantageous to have custom background, let us quickly look at some websites that enable you to create one


TwitterBackgrounds logo custom Twitter Background BlogPandit

TwitterBackgrounds provide you some ready to use twitter backgrounds, or you may even create a one for you by using there “Personalized twitter background” feature.


TwitBacks logo custom Twitter Background BlogPandit

Again TwitBacks provides you with huge gallery of free ready made background. You may even create your own custom background where you can have more about you – bio, contact details, your photo or business logo, links to other social site accounts or websites, etc.


MyTweetSpace logo custom Twitter Background BlogPandit

MyTweetSpace is another popular website to create free custom background for your Twitter profile.


Twitter-images boast and provides huge range of ready to use free background themes and flashy images for your twitter profile.

Alright, so now you are ready with your own custom background design, how to install it in your Twitter account ?

Login to your Twitter account, under ‘Settings‘ page, select ‘Design’ tab and click on change background link at bottom of page.

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