Top 4 Twitter polling applications and poll tools

Can anybody would have ever imagined, what a 140 character window can achieve. Twitter is not just a update service anymore, there’s long list of activities that can be done; and one of it is, seeking important opinions. Many Twitter individuals have always found it useful to solve all there queries and concerns on Twitter, since we all have access to network of intelligent Twitter users who are ready to help and share opinion with each other.

Twitter Poll BlogPandit

Though earlier we used to put down our questions or polls to our Twitter friends just like that, but now we have specialized services called polling sites to achieve just the purpose.
Let us see few of them below.


Twitter Poll on PollDaddy BlogPandit

PollDaddy is one of best sites to offer polls, create your poll and is immediately posted on your Twitter account. You also have options to allow multiple selection and to allow friends to specify there own answers.


Twitter Poll on StrawPoll BlogPandit

With StrawPoll; you frame your poll and see it being posted on your Twitter account.

Twitter Poll on Twitt BlogPandit

Login to using your Twitter id, create a poll with few other fine tuning options and submit to post it on your Twitter account.


Twitter Poll on TwtPoll BlogPandit

TwtPoll gives you the simple form to create a poll, but you would have to post the poll link on twitter account using retweet link provided there, it’s not done automatically.

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