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I don’t like the bulky Kindle, its so non-ergonomic, Digital rights management a big no no, I hate Amazon and so does Kindle, etc.. Whatever your reasons are, for not loving Kindle, you would certainly find following alternative eReader gadgets attractive, useful and at par with Kindle. Also it is completely wise to research market before making the buying decision.

Below we introduce you to few such Kindle/DX popular alternatives.

Sony PRS-505

Sony PRS 505 eBook reader BlogPandit
PRS-505 is Sony’s digital companion for reading ebooks, which features ultra-portable and complete paper like display.
175mm x 122mm x 8mm, 9oz
256MB available
Optical Drive capable of reading CD-ROM
USB 1.1 or faster USB Port
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, Up to 7,500 page turns
Document Support: mp3 and aac, DRM Text (BBeB Book), txt, rtf, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (Conversion to the Reader)
price: $279 approx


txtr eBook reader BlogPandit
A true next generation eReader with plethora of capabilities and functions, built in open software architecture,txtr surely going to rule the arena in coming time.
146mm x 128.2mm x 8mm, 260g
MicroSD memory card slot, 8GB MicroSD card included
internal 3G/GPRS modem
WiFi, USB 2.0
integrated 3D accelerometer for automatic orientation detection
Li-Ion battery, charged via USB
Bluetooth 2.1 for audio, external keyboard and future enhancements
Document Support: PDF, html, Office, ePub and more
Release will take place at Frankfurt Book Fair, October 2009.

iRex iLiad

iRex iLiad eBook reader BlogPandit
iLiad is suitable eReader companion, one can make notes, annotate existing documents, add remarks and trasfer everything to PC. Easy on eyes with ultimate reading and learning experience.
217mm x 155mm x 16mm, 435g
internal 128MB accessible to user, expandable via USB, MMC or CF cards
rechargeable Lithium Ion battery,via Power Adapter, charging time about 3 hours
Built-in stereo speakers with Audio support
Wi-Fi, optional external 10/100MB Ethernet networking
Document support: PDF, html, txt, jpg, bmp, png, PRC (Mobipocket)
Language support: Dutch, English, German, French and Simplified Chinese
Price: 503.36EUR


Cybook eBook reader BlogPandit
With Intuitive interface, huge content availability (dictionaries and best sellers), outstanding ePaper readability and amazing battery lifetime, Cybook is perfect next generation eReader device.
118 x 188 x 8.5 mm, 174g
2.5mm stereo earphone connector
Inbuilt 512 MB, 2GB SD card
Rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery, 8,000 screen refresh
USB Client (v2.0) – Mini USB B connector
Stereo earphones
Cross platform reader
Document support: PDF, html, txt, jpg, bmp, png, Mobipocket, PDB, mp3, ttf, RSS feeds
Language support: all languages except right-to-left ones
Price: $350 to $450

Also if you still find none of above gadgets fitting your bill or requirements, you can always use your iPhone, iPod touch or PDA to read documents on go. See this article of sofware available for reading popular office documents on iPhone.

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