Take your Twitter experience to another level using command mode

All of us have used twitter and various other clients to send and receive tweets, make replies, send direct messages, follow or unfollow, etc. All this can be done with ready to use buttons and shortcuts on these twitter clients.
But are you aware that Twitter also provides few other options that can rejuvenate your twitter life . Using some simple commands fired from twitter update window you can achieve all new experience and knowledge.
Here we introduce you to such commands, there effects and how to get this done effortlessly.

BlogPandit commands to manual twitter experience

Go to Twitter, put down any of the above commands in twitter 140 character window and hit update button

twitter command experience BlogPandit

and you would see a pop-up at top part of browser window with result for command fired.

You would surely enjoy this to use again & again and get a step closer to be true Twitter pro.

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