How to send Direct message on Twitter

Yes Direct message, like it sounds is directed towards particular user and can’t be seen on public timeline of Twitter.

Why Direct message?
There can be many reasons why one need to use direct message more so at personal level. But the obvious and common reasons are
– You want to get into private one-on-one conversation with some Twitter user
– You think you should Thank your new follower with special direct message

whatever the reason Direct message can certainly be useful to not be social on a social platform.
Alright so you are ready for it, this is how Direct message can be sent.

Logon to Twitter, and put down your Direct message in following format,

D username message

see following example.

send firect message on twitter BlogPandit

Click here to see live demonstration by sending me a direct message.
That is how you can send direct message on twitter using simple update window command.

You may also send direct message by clicking on “Direct Messages” link on right pane of your Twitter home page and there use the direct message window to send messages.

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