SEO Dictionary – A must know tool for beginner bloggers and webmasters

If you are a newcomer or relatively naive in this extensive land of search engine promotions and making money online then you must get accustomed to a technique called SEO. Even for bloggers and webmasters around the web, SEO has always been an area creating new possibilities and dimensions for online marketing.

SEO is all about optimizing and marketing your web pages for search engine inclusion, which includes designing, content writing, publishing and monetizing your website for gaining top ranks in search results.
Why ? Since that’s the only way known to world to gain high quality traffic and make it persist, in quest to publicize and monetize your blog or site content.

It’s rather necessary to understand that this is no end to SEO world, there’s whole lot of jargon’s and need to know concepts that drive the Internet economy and traffic around the web. It has got things like Doorway, Long Tail, off-page and on-page inclusion techniques, meta tecniques for promotion, PPC, PPP & affiliates monetizing techniques, etc and new ones being invented every other day. Believe me you would enjoy learning all these and more, so as to implement in your site to reap direct benefits.

The good starting point to learn all this easily and quickly is SEO dictionary – a online encyclopedia of SEO world and concepts. Below we familarize you to few such free online SEO dictionaries that will aid you in exploring the money making and marketing part of web.

SEO optimization and marketing dictionary BlogPandit

One of the highly rated SEO distionary on web

SEO dictionary BlogPandit

Another huge database of SEO related terms and concepts, with links to related articles for each term.

Search engine optimization and marketing dictionary BlogPandit

Comparatively new SEO dictionary with less number of definnitions, but can be a good starting point to understand the most common terms.

Earlier you learn, earlier you earn and profit.

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