eSnips & cooltoad – Download free Hindi mp3 songs online

Through this article we will introduce you to two popular sites for downloading your favorite Hindi mp3 songs and music for free.

esnips download hindi mp3 songs for free

eSnips is one of my favorite site to download songs because it boast a inbuilt music player to listen songs and shows a direct download link.
How? Go to esnips, search for your favorite song and download

cooltoad download hindi mp3 songs for free

CoolToad is widely popular website for downloading any kind of song, when I don’t find any song on eSnips, I can be rest assured to get it here. It has got huge collection from old classical to new ones, from jazz to rap, from country to urban all kind. It would seldom happen that you would not find some song here.
How to download song?, go to, click on Music tab and search for song.

So go on and get your favorite collection.

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