Tweepular – mass follow unfollow discovered

Most of us who started on twitter at some time felt deep necessity for a tool that can do some or all of following:
Follow all who are following you, at instant
Unfollow those not following you or those you see unfit following anymore
Get new list of tweeps to follow and do mass follow
Facility to maintain my followers list at ease

Tweepular is just a tool for all this

There are even other tools available online some that charge fee while other do not, but Tweepular tops the list because it has so many features jam-packed in single application.

It shows you list of people only following you, those not following you back and your mutual friends list with facility for mass follow or unfollow in all these categories.

Also special feature; “Build your Tweepularity” where it recommends you new list of tweeps based on reach, follower count, number of tweets and tweepular secret algorithm to follow.
You may move your cursor over different profiles and select those you think fit following, or press bulk follow to select all and hit go.

Also you may view your own twitter statistics on bar similar to following along with your tweepularity.

Some points worth considering before jumping on this mass follow bandwagon:
– Amount of people you may follow on twitter on any given day is max 1000.
– It is important to have followers that are interested in your content rather than just add up to your follower count.

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