Freemyfeed – Access GMAIL when blocked at school or work using email feed

Email accounts being blocked at work and universities is not new, but geeks have always crafted newer techniques to circumvent these barbs. Gmail is one such very popular online email client, reason enough to block its usage across corporate and study campuses.

We will demonstrate a technique to overcome this restriction using email feed trick.

For some of you this might be a news that, like every other page on internet even your gmail account have a feed address, but the problem is, it requires a authentication before your feed reader can fetch it and that provides the authentication to your email feeds.

is one such service that provides a alternate feed address for web pages that needs authentication. So using freemyfeed you won’t need to put down your login credentials every time your gmail feed is fetched.

BlogPandit Freemyfeed access gmail when blocked
To get your unique feed id for gmail account, go to freemyfeed and put down the details as
feedurl –
user – gmail_user_id
password – gmail_password
then hit submit and you will get a alternate freemyfeed id for your gmail account, which you can then subscribe through any feed reader to read your emails on fly.

BlogPandit Freemyfeed feed
If you are unsure about sharing your password, you must read Privacy policy of freemyfeed, which states, they do not store any passwords on there side.

BlogPandit Freemyfeed privacy policy
This same trick can even be used for accessing other popular email clients like Yahoo, MSN, etc. that are blocked behind firewalls and having email feed option.
Note: Remember accidental sharing of this feed URL can put your emails open for prying eyes.

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  1. You can also use NutshellMail to access email and social networking messages at work. It is designed to comply with even strict corporate email policies. NutshellMail works by sending an email digest of all new messages and activity from your various accounts. You can choose to retrieve any message into your work account and even update your status and reply to friends Facebook and Twitter comments through email. Since it works through regular email channels, it is inherently compliant (just like your friend sending an email to your work account).

    NutshellMail is free.

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