Find Age and Creation date info for website or Blog

There was a large outcry with online community for a tool that can show creation date and age of a website, after some exploring we were successful to dig one that highlights this information clearly.

Why one needs such information, though reasons can be different and varied, some of common one’s are following

  • To compare the website or blog rank and traffic statistics over a period of time
  • Find what it took for a website to be successful
  • Need to purchase a domain or site
  • For personal research

There are couple of online tools available for the purpose, but one that fits the bill perfectly is site named Cubestat.

Go to Cubestat, put down your website or blog name in URL box, hit “Check” button
Now after processing the data for few seconds, you would get all the needed information for the site; on the same page somewhere at bottom you would find the creation date and Age for the website.

Blogpandit website blog domain age
Also it shows other information like ICANN registrar, Website owner, site rank for Alexa, Quantcast, Compete, Page Rank, BackLinks, DMOZ information, etc.

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