Sort results in Google search on date, time and relevancy

At recently concluded searchology event, Google announced and introduced few new features to its Search engine. These features enrich Google results and make them more lively and fresh, giving control to user to decide the way he want to see results.

Following are the new introductions to Google search
– Specific search can be made to find on forums or see only videos results or search only in reviews, across web
– At any time you can fine tune above searches to get results based on relevancy, date or time by using related options
– Also there are other tools like see images from result links webpages, preview more text in search results, see timeline for your search keyword and wonderwheel

You can find all these options on Google home page. Put down your search query hit enter and then on results page click “Show Options…” link.

Blogpandit Google sort by date
When you click on that link you will see different options on left hand side, to fine tune your search results

Blogpandit Google sort by date 2
There are even other some interesting little tools like “Wonder wheel”; it shows search strings related to your search keyword in graphical format.

Blogpandit Google sort by date 3
Check out this video on new Google options

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