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Though I am personally big fan of Tweetmeme, it is still a undenying fact that, living in a technology age it is wise enough to have an edge over technology by not restricting ourselves to specific offering. This is just one of the reason and enough to have following article seeking tweetmeme alternatives. Also recently, I have been experiencing faulty functioning of some of my tweetmeme counters, of which some even do not cross the zero position when already couple of retweets for article being done.

So keeping all this behind, let us look at some of the alternatives available for tweetmeme Twitter counters.


Backtype twitter retweet counter BlogPandit

Installing a retweet button with backtype is just as simple as it can be. You only have to add following single line of code and button is installed.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

Further you can also customize the button properties by specifying source (leading text), button background color, border color, text color, size of button, url shortner, etc. Visit Backtype, to get complete list of customizations and install your own retweet button.


Twittley twitter retweet counter BlogPandit

Twittley offers cool icy blue counter.
It has got very unique selling proposition compared to other Twitter retweet counter sites. When someone clicks on the Twittley button installed on your site the post link is automatically tweeted to all there twitter followers even without opening a new window. So a visitor still stay on same page and retweet is taken care by Twittley in background.
Further based on popularity, your link also gets listed on Twittley popular link pages that can attract more visitors for you.
Get your own Twittley button now for Blogger, WordPress or other sites.

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