How to access Twitter when blocked at school or work ?

Twitter is nowadays complete fantasy, so much so that everybody is busy sending, reading and replying tweets while on work or in schools. This has forced some organizations and governing bodies to block the use of twitter over their private network or put it behind firewalls.

Hence it was mandatory to find alternative online twitter clients that allows sending and receiving tweets as much as Twitter does. So we have for you a compilation of widely used online Twitter clients.

Twaitter has got all the orginal features from Twitter – 140 message window, tweets read pane, follower and following list.
While also featuring Scheduler client for which it was orginally developed and few other features.

Flittr provides very good user-friendly interface, infact better then original and lot of features. It promises features like message filttering, Friend rating, backlisting and whitelisting messages, etc.

Another alternative is Tweete, a slick and simple designed twitter mobile client. While preserving all necessary features of Twitter, also provides some special features like themes, status update, non restrictive input box, etc.

Slandr is yet another twitter mobile client with web accessibility for tweeting around with features local tweets, events, etc

Twitstat is a mobile twitter client, with cool features like an ego search and smart highlighting.

So now you have more options to avoid the firewall and enoy the big twitter experience with a difference.

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